My Story:

I started biting my nails at birth - well pretty close.  I remember my mom telling me how they had a form in kindergarten that asked if your child chewed her nails and she told me they didn't have a place for "picked" at your nails.  Which is exactly what I did...sometimes I chewed but mostly I picked at them until they were rough, raw and stubs. Often they would bleed and be sore. All my life I didn't have pretty nails like the other girls.  I would hide my hands in embarrassment.  I tried everything - including bandaids on every finger.  Nothing seemed to work.  I tried fake nails, but just pulled them off.    I got a manicure and even that didn't stop me.  For years I justified it with - "well, at least I don't smoke or drink or overeat".  But inside, I was still embarrassed whenever anyone looked at my hands. It seemed hopeless.  Then, after 50 years of nailbiting, I made the decision that enough is enough.  I had started my own business and often had to show clients things on the computer.  Guess what they saw - my fingers.  I was mortified.  I think that was the incentive I needed to quit.  I made up my mind somehow I would conquer this ongoing and really nasty habit.  I've finally given up chewing my nails - it's been over two years now and it feels so good!  I want others to feel they can succeed too - and feel better about themselves as well. Hopefully, you won't wait until you're 55!















Chew your nails? Tired of ugly stubs? Get the support you need to stop biting and start living!


  • Be the beautiful person on the outside that you are on the inside
  • Be proud of your hands
  • Stop being embarrassed


What's worked for others:

  • Make up your mind, 95% of it is psychological. Often the reason you bite is stress or boredom.
  • Keep an emery board with you at all times. 
  • Spend some time every day taking care of your nails.  Polish them, clip hangnails, use lotion.
  • Anti-bite liquids help if you're a true chewer, if you're a picker it won't do a thing.
  • Keep your hands occupied.
  • Always use clear polish.  Until your nails are long, bright colors will only be discouraging.
  • Grow one nail at a time - vow to not bite one, and work your way up.  Once you see one pretty nail, it can be incentive to grow another one.
  • If your nailpolish gets chipped, replace it.
  • Once you do get a little edge - even if it isn't off your finger, keep it clean. 
  • Keep hang-nails clipped so you don't  want to bite at them.
  • Keep your hands moisturized.
  • Use gloves in the garden or doing anything that makes your hands feel "dry" - dry hands make you want to pick and bite at the nails more.
  • Get a manicure once you get some tiny white will make you feel better and keep you going.
  • Some people swear by hypnosis - didn't work for me
  • If you use false nails, use crazy glue to put them on.  False nails are helpful in getting you used to the feel of longer nails.  The trick is to cut them short - just to the end of your finger or you won't be able to stand them!
  • Keep a log of when you bite your nails most, maybe you'll see a pattern.
  • Come up with alternatives hand behaviors.  When I feel like picking at my nails, I clean underneath them with another nail gets that feeling to pick out of your system.  If you're a chewer, keep some toothpicks or plastic dental flossers handy to chew on.
  • Use the nail strengtherners - nothing is worse than to break a nail you worked so hard to grow.
  • Keep edges smooth - that emery board again - a craggily edge or even something that isn't smooth will make you crazy wanting to bite or pick at it.
  • Don't wear fabrics that pick easily, I found myself picking at the fabric when I couldn't' pick my nails (running hangnails across it to feel the pull...)
  • Realize that nail biting is a self-soothing behavior.  Find something else that feels relaxing.
  • Don't give up!  If you find yourself backsliding after having grown your nails out, that's ok - give yourself a goal such as I will not chew these 3 nails and let yourself chew the others.  The 3 you didn't chew will remind you to keep trying.
  • Don't beat yourself up.  Just because you bite your nails doesn't mean you aren't a good person.  Work on your self-esteem - it will give you the courage to quit once and for all.

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